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Why Refurbishment is the Right Choice For Your Truck

Posted by Donald Robinson

Sep 14, 2018 4:34:37 PM

Has your yard truck been through the wringer? Years of service and a tough job create wear-and-tear on your yard truck, leaving you to consider your options for upgrading your fleet. Rest assured, your beloved yard truck may still have some years left in it yet. Refurbishment can be the answer you are looking for in order to improve the quality of your vehicle.

Refurbishment is often a cheaper, more personalized experience for handling the wear-and-tear on your truck. Rather than purchasing an entirely new vehicle, this is is a way to enhance the features you still actively use on your existing model while getting that new-car feel in a timely manner that will be budget-friendly.  

At Louisville Switching, our team has years of experience refurbishing Ottawa yard trucks. We have previously shared our Refurbishment Guide as a set of guidelines and an informative path to follow when considering the refurbishment process. In the guide, we highlight the major benefits of refurbishment as an Ottawa truck owner. 

Benefits of Refurbishing Your Ottawa

Time is one major benefit of refurbishment versus purchasing a new or used yard truck. We utilize a 7-week process for refurbishing yard trucks. The refurbishment process follows this pattern: complete interior and exterior cleaning, disassembly of the appropriate truck sections, further inspections in appropriate areas, the rebuild begins (the repairs and necessary parts replaced, interior of the cab cleaned and painted as needed), features of the truck are installed (headliners, dash panels, switches, gauges, controls, matting, steering wheel, and seat), truck is sandblasted and prepped for exterior painting, the exterior (frame, wheels, and cab) is painted, final assembly with new parts is completed, rough-work testing in addition to cosmetic inspection, and finally any adjustments (including outfitting brand new Ottawa decals) are made. 

By refurbishing your yard truck, you are in control of the condition your vehicle for years to come. We can make your older model come back to life and look as good as new again.

Another benefit of refurbishing your yard truck is the price you pay. Our quality service will not disappoint you and we guarantee to extend the life span of your Ottawa truck. Instead of purchasing a brand new truck from a dealer, we will save you the extra coin by only providing the services that you want. 

Deciding if You Should Refurbish Your Ottawa

It can be challenging to decide if refurbishing your Ottawa is the best option for you and the future life span of your truck. Giving your truck an extended life cycle will enable you find value in your truck far beyond its normal operational years. For more information, watch the video below with our sales manager, Chris, explaining why you should refurbish your truck. 

After years of use and work, our trustworthy trucks can sometimes fall short of excellent condition. Take the initiative to invest in your equipment to ensure efficient operations for years to come. Even a minor adjustment can reap major benefits for the future. 

If you are interested in hearing more or speaking with one of our staff members about the refurbishment services we can provide you with, let's talk. See what Louisville Switching can do for you and restoring your Ottawa truck. 

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