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All You Need to Know About Our 2019 Ottawa T2's

Posted by Louisville Switching

Jun 18, 2019 2:26:17 PM

In 2018, we introduced more Ottawa 2T DOT units to our fleet - and they went fast! In the new year, we have upgraded and added even more trucks to our stock and we are eager to share all about them. 

Video from the 2014 Mid America Truck Show

Posted by Donald Robinson

Apr 11, 2014 10:17:00 AM

In this video taken at the 2014 Mid America Truck Show, Bob McTernan of Ottawa describes some of the improvements made on the newest model, the Ottawa T2 Yard Truck.

The T2 Ottawa Yard Truck is the 2015 model and can be ordered now. This model has many customer-suggested improvements including 30% more windshield and side glass panels for greater visibility and safety. Several of the fluids that require routine maintenance have easy access from the ground for improved maintenance efficiency and safety. The T2 Yard Truck is hands down the best yard truck designed to date.

Pictures from Ottawa T2 Event

Posted by Donald Robinson

Apr 4, 2014 10:12:00 AM

Last week we wrote about the event we hosted to premier the 2015 Ottawa T2 Terminal Tractor. You can read about the event here.