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Ottawa Yard Truck Servicing and Repair

Once you have purchased or leased an Ottawa Yard Truck from Louisville Switching, our commitment doesn't end there. If your truck should experience a service problem or a mechanical issue, we have a service department that is completely committed to meeting your needs.

We can come to your business and service your yard trucks on-site with our mobile service truck. Service can also be performed in our fully equipped garage. We are dedicated to keeping your trucks and your operation running smoothly. Our mechanics and support personnel can provide repair or preventive maintenance for your medium to heavy duty equipment right here in our Louisville Switching garage. 



Meet Robb

Service problem or a mechanical issue? Robb and our service department are there for you.

Additional Service Features

Based on customer feedback and requests, we have added additional services to fully meet your yard truck repair needs. Full-service repair on trailers is currently available at the Louisville Switching garage or through our mobile service vehicle. One of our mobile service vehicles is equipped with a large portable arc welder, which is operated by an experienced on-staff welder who can also provide fabrication services. 

If you are experiencing any other maintenance issues, here are some additional services we provide:

  • Semi-trailer repairs
  • Mobile arc welding services
  • Repairs or maintenance for power units from medium to heavy duty

Contact us today to find out how we can best service your trucks, tractors, or semi-trailers. If you're an existing customer, we would love to assist you. If you're a new customer, our sales manager Chris is available to answer any questions you might have.


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