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Louisville Switching Blog

One Atlanta Truck Spotter's Ottawa Story

Posted by Donald Robinson

Dec 7, 2012 2:11:00 PM

Chris Troutt was recently in Atlanta, Georgia working with a client. Chris loves talking with the drivers of the yard trucks to get their input on what they think of Ottawa. The other thing Chris loves to do when he's talking with the drivers is to ask if he can see inside the cab. This one particular driver agreed and showed Chris the cab of his Ottawa. It was as clean as a brand new yard truck. Chris asked him how he kept it so clean and the driver said, "I spend 12 hours a day  inside this truck and I want to make sure I keep it clean. It is my office."

Ottawa Yard Jockey? Education Of The Right Terms

Posted by Donald Robinson

Oct 3, 2012 12:29:00 PM

We've been in this business a long time so we often hear people call yard trucks many things. Most of them are right. In all, there are probably dozens of ways people classify switching trucks. Here are a few of the names people have given yard trucks:

  • Spotter Truck
  • Shunt Truck
  • Yard Goat
  • Yard Mule
  • Yard Dog
  • Terminal Tractor
  • Yard Switcher
  • Jockey Truck
  • Yard Horse
  • Shunting Truck
  • Yard Spotter
  • Switching Truck
  • Ottawa Yard Truck

With so many names, it seems hard to get it wrong. But when you hear someone say, "Ottawa Yard Jockey," it is like they're saying, "Ford Silverado." Ottawa is a brand and Yard Jockey is a model of another manufacturer. So when you put them together, it isn't quite right. It would be appropriate to call an Ottawa nearly everything on the list above. 

Imagine the finest Italian restaurant in town and compare it to Fazoli's. They both serve italian food, but that is where the similarity ends and the difference of quality begins. One restaurant gives you free breadsticks the other is an experience you will remember for a lifetime. One thing is for sure, Ottawa is the standard for yard trucks. It is the best brand, built with excellence, engineered for the rigorous day-to-day demand. In fact, Ottawa produces four times the number of yard trucks than its closest competitors.  

Louisville Switching is proud of the Ottawa brand, but we can help maintain any brand of spotter truck. With our Cummins-certified and Ottawa-certified mechanics, there isn't much we can't diagnose and fix. We are the experts and we thank you for putting your trust in us to maintain your fleet and supply you with the best yard truck in the business: Ottawa!