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The Benefits of Buying Green; Refurbishing your Yard Dog

Posted by Chris Troutt

Jul 19, 2013 12:12:00 PM

refurbished yard trucksAt Louisville Switching we get pretty excited when we sell a new Ottawa Yard Truck to one of our customers because we know the benefits of buying one of these powerful machines. Although we will gladly sell you a brand new, shiny terminal tractor, we get just as excited when our customers go the refurbished yard dog route. We use genuine OEM parts in our refurbishments, which means you still end up with the highest quality terminal tractor, and you don't have to settle for a lesser brand to meet you budget constraints.

If your company is tossing around the idea of purchasing a yard truck, but has struggled with the funds to pay for a new one, take a look at our list of reasons why you might want to consider having Louisville Switching refurbish a used unit for you.

  • Green is the new black. In the world of yard trucks, buying green is very popular. Saving money by using an existing piece of equipment as opposed to buying a new one is definitely a green decision.

  • We can buy a used unit at a good price or use your existing one and put some money into it to make it look and run like new. As a certified Cummins Dealer we have a huge advantage in repairing or re-powering the units during the refurbishing process.

  • Buying a new unit presents you with the challenges of regulations, up-charges, and new standards. Older yard trucks are not subject to stiff regulations that the new terminal tractors are subject too. 

  • We take great pride in our products and our services. So, as a shameless plug for Louisville Switching, the last good reason to buy refurbished is that you get to work with our team here. If you are not a customer already, let us show you what our service and knowledge is all about here at Louisville Switching.

Limited funds available for purchase of a truck does not have to mean that the customer has to settle for a lesser brand of truck. Contact Chris at 502-550-6746 if you have any additional questions, or use our easy online form to request more information. -Refurbished Ottawa Trucks