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Refurbished Ottawa Yard Trucks 

After days of loading, lifting, and heavy usage, your Ottawa Yard Truck can begin to show signs of wear and tear and may even need some replacement parts in order to become fully functioning again. Rather than spend the money on a brand new yard truck, if your frame is still in good working condition, Louisville Switching can help refurbish your Ottawa truck.

If your engine has failed, we can re-power it with one of our factory remanufactured engines. No matter what the condition of your truck is when it enters our shop, it will leave looking and operating like a whole new truck.


Meet Chris

Chris will help you navigate the world of Ottawa Yard Trucks with an honest, dependable, enjoyable experience.

refurbished yard truck ottawa refurbishments
refurbished yard truck ottawa refurbishments

Take a look at more of our before and after pictures of recently refurbished trucks and find out how Louisville Switching can help your yard truck become fully operational again.

Parts for Your Refurbished Ottawa Yard Truck

Finding a part you need to get your Ottawa truck up and running is a simple task because we have a huge inventory of Ottawa parts on hand and we ship to our customers across the country every day. As an Ottawa dealer, we can quickly process your order and ship it out that same afternoon. At Louisville Switching, UPS picks up our outbound parts every day, so we can get your much-needed part to you with minimal wait time. Because of our extensive experience with yard trucks, we know what parts you need and we have the resources to get them to you quickly.



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refurbish ottawa truck, yard truck refurbishment
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