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Donald Robinson

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The Brasserie Provence Experience- Southern French Cuisine to Delight & Inspire

Posted by Donald Robinson

Dec 17, 2018 11:47:49 AM

If you follow our blog and social media, you know we love to take an occasional break from talking about trucks to share our favorite dining spots around the Louisville area. Hands down, one of our favorites is Brasserie Provence. We recently had the opportunity to visit for lunch and sit down with the owner, Guy Renoud. Guy is from the city of Cannes along the French Riviera, and came to the states 12 years ago after meeting his wife, Stacy Duncan, in Washington D.C. while visiting a friend in Virginia. Stacy is a professional photographer, and you can see much of her beautiful work featured on Brasserie Provence's website. 

Safety Tips for Operating your Ottawa

Posted by Donald Robinson

Dec 12, 2018 12:59:36 PM

When operating highly-mechanical vehicles like your Ottawa Yard Truck, there are important safety tips to follow to keep yourself, others, and your truck protected. Our Ottawa Maintenance Manual provides all the inside knowledge of how to maintain the best condition of your Kalmar Terminal Tractor, safety tips, and procedural instructions specific to Ottawas. To ensure you are practicing good safety tips before, during, and after operating your Ottawa truck, we have created a list of Do's and Don'ts to follow.

Next-Day Shipping on Ottawa Yard Truck Parts

Posted by Donald Robinson

Dec 10, 2018 3:08:35 PM

Next-day shipping is the new normal in the world of retail. This shift in shipping transfers to every industry in the realm of sales. At Louisville Switching, we are able to ship our Ottawa Yard Truck parts next-day from here locally in Kentucky to many locations worldwide. In today's economy and industry, Yard Truck operators need their parts as quickly as possible to produce faster operations. 

Meet Our Newest Parts Assistant, Aaron Cecil

Posted by Donald Robinson

Nov 5, 2018 3:28:13 PM

As our team of expert staff members grows, we want to introduce them so you can get to know our team. One of our newest employees to join us at Louisville Switching is Aaron Cecil. Aaron has served as a Parts Assistant in our Parts Department since May 2018. His duties as a Parts Assistant include shipping and receiving parts for our customers and vendors and assisting the inventory controller in quantifying items on hand. He got his start with us to learn more about the industry. We are thrilled to have Aaron on our team of talented parts professionals and can't wait to watch him grow with us!

Stay Up-to-Date on Our Parts Department

Posted by Donald Robinson

Oct 22, 2018 10:53:43 AM

Louisville Switching is your local one-stop-shop for all things Ottawa. From servicing, rentals and leasing, to individual parts sales, we can do it all in the convenience of one location. Our parts department has seen tremendous growth within our company over the last year and will continue to do so in the future. 

Our Team Has Grown, Meet Keith Graves!

Posted by Donald Robinson

Oct 19, 2018 1:10:13 PM

We have seen exponential growth in the last few years and we are excited to introduce one of the newest members to  our team , Keith Graves. He has been remotely working with the  Louisville Switching  team for a little over a year now. Keith is a Field Service Technician covering the Eastern and Northern Kentucky areas and also some out-of-state service projects. To minimize down time, he travels to different customers and repairs trucks on site. Keith's experience with highly-technical, low-emissions trucks hones his work to be specialized. 

E-Commerce: Fascinating Evolution to Complete Revolution?

Posted by Donald Robinson

Oct 2, 2018 10:41:59 AM

Everything from meal prep services to groceries, clothes, and even cars can be delivered straight to your door. As such, we think it's a fair statement to say that e-commerce is revolutionizing the way we purchase everything. As a result, brick and mortar stores are having to change the way they operate, the economy is shifting, and the logistics industry is required to become ever more efficient.

Reduce The Risk of Accidents With Insta-chains

Posted by Donald Robinson

Sep 27, 2018 11:20:12 AM

Louisville Switching is a dealer of Insta-Chain, an automatic ice-chain brand. Insta-Chains is a chain attachment that can installed onto a truck to increase traction during unsafe weather conditions. During snow and icy road conditions, it is important to equip your vehicle with proper tools to ensure the safety of the driver. Our certified auto mechanics are able to install Insta-Chains here in our local service shop. Don't wait until winter gets here to focus on how to protect you and your truck from dangerous road conditions.