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Other Services


In addition to truck sales, leasing, and part sales, Louisville Switching offers a number of services to our customers including:

  • Yard tractor leasing, rental, and sales
  • Yard tractor repairs and maintenance (can be done in our shop or on-site)
  • Customized cartage services
  • Semi trailer repairs in our shop or at a remote location
  • Mobile arc welding services
  • Repairs or maintenance for medium to heavy-duty power units

Robinson Cartage


Robinson Cartage began with Greater Louisville Area Cartage Authority. Since then, our cartage services have grown to include customized cartage services with the acquisition of additional authorities including Kentucky Intrastate, IndianaIntrastate and 48 state interstate authority. 

Semi Trailer Repair

Semi Trailer Repair

In 1996 we added a trailer mechanic to our staff in order to accommodate the requests of our customers. Full repair service on trailers is now available in our shop or at a remote location with one of our mobile service vehicles. 

Mobile Welding Services

Utility Truck Louisville Switching

Welding and fabrication services are available through our mobile service vehicle which is equipped with a large portable arc welder. Our staff of experienced welders is available to come to your place of business to take care of any needs you might have. We bring the solution and the repair right to you. 

Repairs and Maintenance

Ottawa Mobile Truck Repair

You can depend on our support team to provide repairs or preventative maintenance for your medium to heavy duty equipment right here in our nine-bay shop, equipped with hundreds of parts to repair your truck.

Mobile Repair Trucks


Louisville Switching Service is dedicated to keeping your yard trucks and your business running smoothly. We are able to service your trucks on location with our mobile repair trucks that are equipped with hundreds of parts to repair what needs to be fixed on the spot, without ordering and waiting for long periods of time for a part to arrive.


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