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Louisville Switching Blog

Battery Cable for the Ottawa Yard Truck Part Number 53558040

Posted by Donald Robinson

Sep 3, 2014 10:53:00 AM

Ottawa Yard Trucks are built for heavy use, but after many hours of switching, your yard truck may fail to crank or lose power suddenly. When those issues occur, check the battery cables for corrosion or damage. If you need to replace a worn or damaged battery cable on your Ottawa or Cummins engine, Louisville Switching can help.

Switching Jobs at the Palace Theater

Posted by Donald Robinson

Aug 15, 2014 8:37:00 PM

The intricate and elaborate shows at the Palace Theater display workmanship and precision that involves a lot of people working in numerous capacities to pull off these flawless events. Louisville Switching is proud to be a part of the team that works behind the scenes to bring those shows to life.

Louisville Switching Premieres New 2015 Ottawa Yard Truck

Posted by Donald Robinson

Apr 1, 2014 5:25:00 PM

Louisville Switching Truck Sales, a family owned Ottawa Truck Dealer and service center, was selected last month by the OEM to be the first dealer among the large Kalmar Ottawa network of dealers to publicly display the totally redesigned Kalmar Ottawa Terminal T2 Truck.

Introducing the New 2015 Ottawa T2

Posted by Donald Robinson

Mar 19, 2014 5:18:00 PM

The new year may be nine months away, but Kalmar Ottawa is rolling out the next generation of terminal tractors for 2015.

The Kalmar Ottawa T2 arrived in February after more than two years of in-depth research, creative thinking, and rigorous testing devoted to making the best tractor in the business even better and more suited to the needs of users in the next 10 to 15 years. The new yard tractor has been re-designed and re-engineered to provide superior performance, productivity, and serviceability.

Ottawa Yard Truck Tractor Pneu Quick Release Valve Part #9002954

Posted by Donald Robinson

Aug 21, 2013 12:03:00 PM

The Ottawa Truck brake system is operated with a foot pedal or (treadle valve). This foot-actuated valve is actually two valves that operate in quick sequence. It is connected in the front and rear brake circuitry so that the rear brakes begin to act before the front brakes when the operator steps on the pedal. When air pressure is correct in both circuits, the second stage is driven via air pressure by the first stage. If air is lost to the first stage, the second stage is driven mechanically by the first stage. 

Video: Ottawa Yard Truck Transmissions Mounted on Shock Absorbers

Posted by Donald Robinson

Jun 4, 2013 2:13:00 PM

In the video below, Chris Troutt explains how Ottawa mounts its transmissions vs. how the competition mounts transmissions. 

With Ottawa's new iPad app, Louisville Switching is able to see a direct comparison between what Ottawa offers and what competitors offer. One example of this is the transmission. The transmissions on the Ottawa Yard Truck are built on a shock absorber, so when the truck is going through bumpy terrain, the transmission is not taking a direct impact or beating on the frame. 

Let Us Change Ottawa's Oil, We'll Come To You

Posted by Donald Robinson

Aug 15, 2012 11:23:00 AM

The maintenance on your switchers is crucial to getting the most life out of it that you can. Oil changes protect the engine better than any other regular maintenance need. The problem with changing out the oil is the risk of spills and messes. At Louisville Switching we have an oil recovery system on our mobile maintenance vehicles that take the worry of spills and messes out of the equation.

Your typical oil change requires pans to capture all the old oil and several containers of new oil to fill the 20 quart limit most switchers have. Between draining the old oil, changing the oil filter, refilling the engine with fresh clean oil, and transferring all the old oil and products to proper storage containers for proper recycling, there are too many spill risks and potential hazards. The other factor to consider is how long this takes for most of our clients to do on their own.

When you have Louisville Switching come to your site with our mobile repair vehicles to perform an oil change, it is clean, fast, and affordable. Our trucks are equipped with oil pumping systems that make the process efficient and safe.

Here’s how it works. The truck is parked. A heavy duty hose from the service truck is attached to the quick connect fitting at the bottom of the oil pan. The oil filler cover on top of the engine is removed. The pump is turned on and all of the oil is pumped directly from the oil pan to a waste oil tank on the service tank. When the oil has finished draining, the pump is turned off. The hose is disconnected and wound up with the hose reel. The filter is replaced with a new one. The fresh oil hose is placed into the oil filler opening at the top of the engine. The correct amount of oil to be placed into the engine is pumped and metered. When the correct amount has been pumped, the oil filler cap is replaced and the fresh oil hose is retracted with the hose reel. There is hardly any chance for oil to end up where it shouldn’t be.

There is no need for you to ever change oil yourself again. Let us come by and demonstrate how efficient and clean this process is. The goal is always minimum down time. Schedule your oil changes with us during off-peak times and you will be amazed at the time you save and the energy you conserve. Call us today with all your questions and maintenance needs. We are here to serve you.