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Louisville Switching Blog

Should I Refurbish My Ottawa CYT-30?

Posted by Donald Robinson

May 21, 2014 12:10:00 PM

Yard trucks see a lot of action.

Although the Ottawa CYT-30 is a machine built for excessive use and durability, over time it will begin to show signs of wear and tear and may even suffer some equipment malfunctioning.

Exploring the Continued Versatility of the CYT-30

Posted by Donald Robinson

May 14, 2014 1:58:00 PM

As the original manufacturer and world leader in terminal tractors offering the most comprehensive range of models for warehouse and distribution operations, ports and rail terminals, Kalmar Ottawa was the first to offer machines with an automatic transmission, a rear door entry, integral air conditioning units, power cab tilt, and ABS brake system.

The Benefits of Buying Green; Refurbishing your Yard Dog

Posted by Chris Troutt

Jul 19, 2013 12:12:00 PM

At Louisville Switching we get pretty excited when we sell a new Ottawa Yard Truck to one of our customers because we know the benefits of buying one of these powerful machines. Although we will gladly sell you a brand new, shiny terminal tractor, we get just as excited when our customers go the refurbished yard dog route. We use genuine OEM parts in our refurbishments, which means you still end up with the highest quality terminal tractor, and you don't have to settle for a lesser brand to meet you budget constraints.

Certificate of Authenticity

Posted by Donald Robinson

May 22, 2012 11:15:00 AM

Many times when a business transaction is about to take place, the seller of an item will offer to provide a Certificate of Authenticity. This certificate offers some comfort to the buyer, and the buyer has some additional level of security in having the certificate. The seller should have no problem providing the certificate if everything is as the seller represents it to be. You would not want to purchase something of value if you were not sure of the credentials of the seller. This is good common sense.

What would happen if you attempted to acquire a Certificate of Authenticity from your yard truck supplier? This would be interesting and could go something like this:

You: “So how long have you been an Ottawa Dealer?”
Potential supplier: “Well we don’t really sell Ottawa Trucks. We are a Brand X dealer. Brand X is cheaper but it is a better truck at least according to our salesmen. The occasional use of used parts in the building of new trucks also holds down the cost. Don’t pay any attention to the resale value of a used Brand X truck. We don’t actually believe in the old myth of maximizing your ROI. Remember, we are cheaper.”

The question of Authenticity could also go like this:

You: “So do you actually make your living being a yard truck dealer?”
Potential supplier: “Well we are actually a trailer rental company but we dabble in yard trucks. We are the cheapest in town and it is because we don’t know what we are doing and we don’t have any parts. The reduced investment in parts and expertise helps to keep our pricing low.”

For this answer you could also substitute forklift dealer, class 8 dealer or wheeler dealer.

So if you get past the first two questions and you haven’t hung up yet, then try this question:

You: “How long have you been in this business?”
Potential supplier: “We have been doing this for 5 months but actually saw one of these trucks operating about 20 years ago and we have been thinking about it since then.”

Some of these scenarios make me think about the old TV commercial where a man took his car to a garage to get the transmission worked on, and when asked about the mechanic’s experience working on a transmission He replied, “I always wanted to work on one of these.”

Cheap works for some things but when you make your living with a piece of equipment, you want that equipment to be the best and provide maximum ROI. If cheap worked best for all situations then we would all be driving Yugos.

A trusting relationship with a long-term reputable Ottawa Dealer is your Certificate of Authenticity. You can count on that and you can count on us.

A Copier is a Xerox and a Spotter is an Ottawa

Posted by Donald Robinson

Apr 20, 2012 3:18:00 PM

Whenever you need to make a copy you Xerox the original. This is the common lingo that is used today in the business world. This is almost an expression of endearment. The copy machine that Xerox produced was superior in almost every way to all of the competing brands. Xerox dominated the market for this type of equipment. The impression that business people acquired over time was that your copy machine surely must be a Xerox, and, if it wasn’t, then it should have been a Xerox.

Refurbishing your Ottawa yard dog could be a wise move in this economy

Posted by Donald Robinson

Oct 27, 2011 10:59:00 AM

At Louisville Switching we like selling Ottwa yard dogs, or terminal tractors for those who like the technical term. When we sell a new Ottawa or Kalmar truck, we get excited. We get just as excited when we sell a refurbished unit—sometimes more excited because we know that we’re helping our customers even more in this tight economy.

Preserve your cash & still have a practically new Kalmar/Ottawa Truck

Posted by Joel Gerdis

Mar 24, 2011 11:14:00 AM

We all know the economy has been tough the last several years. Are we turning the corner? Your guess is as good as ours. So in our mind, it’s still a great time to buy used and to refurbish. Or why not let us re-power and refurbish your existing truck. Are the frame and cab good? If you’re thinking about going that route, it’s one of our specialties. It’s in our bailiwick as they say. Our sweet spot. It’s almost our favorite thing to do, besides play golf.