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Is refurbishment right for your next Ottawa truck?

Posted by Donald Robinson

May 24, 2017 3:10:12 PM

Do you have a plan for your next Ottawa? Whether your operation is growing or you have a truck that needs replacing, refurbishment might be the right place for you to turn.

Truck refurbishment? 

The refurbishment is the process of taking a used, old truck and giving it new life. By replacing all of the worn and bad parts on your truck, but salvaging what's still good, refurbishment can save you money and time versus buying a new or used Ottawa truck. 

Louisville Switching offers Ottawa truck refurbishment with years of experience and know-how to get your truck back in your fleet. We can refurbish an Ottawa directly from your fleet or help you procure a truck to purchase and have refurbished. Ottawa trucks refurbished at Louisville Switching have an engine warranty to give you a peace of mind that your truck will be operating for years to come.

Learn more about Louisville Switching's Ottawa refurbishments by watching the video below and hearing our Sales and Leasing Manager, Chris Troutt, discuss our process for refurbishment and the benefits of refurbishing your next Ottawa.

Still trying to decide if refurbishment is right for your next Ottawa truck? Download our refurbishment guide below. Ready to start the refurbishment process? Let us know and Chris would gladly help get you on the path to a refurbished Ottawa for your fleet.