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Ottawa Yard Truck Tractor Pneu Quick Release Valve Part #9002954

Posted by Donald Robinson

Aug 21, 2013 12:03:00 PM

Pneu Quick Release Valve Part 9002954The Ottawa Truck brake system is operated with a foot pedal or (treadle valve). This foot-actuated valve is actually two valves that operate in quick sequence. It is connected in the front and rear brake circuitry so that the rear brakes begin to act before the front brakes when the operator steps on the pedal. When air pressure is correct in both circuits, the second stage is driven via air pressure by the first stage. If air is lost to the first stage, the second stage is driven mechanically by the first stage. 

The Pneu Quick Release Valve (part #9002954) responds to the release of the foot pedal. The purpose of this valve is to dump the air out of the spring chambers much more quickly than would be possible if the air had to travel back through the supply lines. 

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