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Louisville Switching Premieres New 2015 Ottawa Yard Truck

Posted by Donald Robinson

Apr 1, 2014 5:25:00 PM

Louisville Kalmar Ottawa dealer

Louisville Switching Truck Sales, a family owned Ottawa Truck Dealer and service center, was selected last month by the OEM to be the first dealer among the large Kalmar Ottawa network of dealers to publicly display the totally redesigned Kalmar Ottawa Terminal T2 Truck.

In celebration of the T2 unveiling, and to honor the accomplishments of Ottawa, Louisville Switching hosted an exclusive luncheon on March 20, attended by approximately 120 guests eager to casually interact and see first-hand the new functional design updates Ottawa has incorporated. Two models of the Ottawa 2015 T2 Terminal Truck were premiered on-site, along with two new 2014 models of the Terminal Truck.  

Changes in the 2015 trucks were initiated in order to address the concerns that users have been facing on a day-to-day basis for quite some time. Long-time Ottawa user and Louisville Switching guest Leonard Cecil recognized the much needed changes. "It's obvious that Ottawa put effort into listening to customers, representatives, technicians, and design representatives. This is going to be a terrific product," Cecil believes.

More than two years of in-depth research, creative thinking, and rigorous testing was devoted to making the best tractor in the business even better. Just last month, Ottawa completed re-designed and re-engineered the yard tractor which they believe will significantly enhance performance, productivity, and serviceability.

"Our engineers (built) a truck that offers superior ergonomics inside the cab for improved driver productivity, easier serviceability and overall better performance," said David Wood, Ottawa Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

As a 40-year veteran user of Ottawa Yard Tucks, K&T Switching Supervisor Gary Besser relies on that dependable performance. His company moves 400-500 trailers a day for Ford, running non-stop five days a week. With that kind of activity, Besser says top quality is required. "When you're switching for Ford, your equipment better be good. The Ottawa's never let us down. It's the best."

Since 1973, Besser has seen a lot of evolutions in the Ottawa truck and has experienced many positive design changes that have improved productivity and practical functionality. The recent changes on the T2 are no exception. "It's very user friendly. I like what I see and I am very impressed," said Besser after a careful examination of the strikingly colored red and yellow T2.

Louisville Switching President and event organizer Don Robinson was also impressed with the latest changes to the 2015 model, including the elimination of the rarely used side door, easier access to the inner workings of the truck, and the increase in the door opening by four inches.

Not only was Robinson pleased in the quality and improvements to the Ottawa, he was also proud to facilitate an event that showcased the workmanship and quality of the Ottawa product while "deepening relationships between the facility and the customers in a relaxed way." This was Louisville Switching's first community building event showcasing the Ottawa. He stated: "It was a wonderful way to provide customers the forum where they can get together and talk about things informally. I was very pleased."