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A Farewell to Mike Twitty- Happy Retirement from Louisville Switching!

Posted by Donald Robinson

Feb 15, 2019 4:40:34 PM

It is with much gratitude and celebration that we want to wish our longtime partner in business, Mike Twitty, congrats on his retirement! Mike has served as the Southeast Regional Sales Manager for Kalmar Ottawa for 25 years. Mike has been a tremendous partner, mentor, and friend to us and we wanted to take a minute to congratulate him on his retirement. Since the start of Louisville Switching's partnership with Kalmar Ottawa, Mike has been our go-to for everything from sales, training, technical advice and more. We had an opportunity to talk with Mike and hear a little bit about what has influenced him in business over the years and what he is looking forward to in his retirement.  

A little background on Louisville Switching's Partnership with Kalmar Ottawa

As the Southeast Regional Sales Manager for Kalmar Ottawa for over 20 years, Mike dedicated most of his career to serving these states. Louisville Switching began working with Kalmar Ottawa, in conjunction with Mike since the start of our partnership. As a liaison between Louisville Switching and Kalmar Ottawa, his first few years in the industry set the tone for the long-lasting relationship that has developed and prospered over the last two decades. Mike oversaw a total of 15 partners, one of which was Louisville Switching. 

Louisville Switching has the highest respect for Mike and his expertise when it comes to all things Ottawa. Mike has been a great business coach and mentor to Louisville Switching, and has always been available when we have needed him. His contribution to Louisville Switching has included sales training and technical expertise on everything yard trucks. One of Mike's characteristics that truly makes him stand out, and has left a tremendous impact on our team, is high standard of ethics. Mike is a man of great character and a wonderful example of an ethical and honest business man. So much so that we would trust him with our lives! That is a truly good man, right there, through and through.  

Mike valued and cherished his long partnership and relationship with the team at Louisville Switching, as well as other partners he served. When asked about his ethical business practices, Mike said that acting honorably in this profession is "just what you do." And this is the type of partnerships that Louisville Switching seeks to have, whether it be with a customer, employee, or partner in the industry. Mike's character will continue to impact this company long after his retirement. 

Get to Know Mike Before He Goes

Featured in the photo from left to right: Robert McTernan, Chris Booth, Don Robinson, Chris Troutt,  and Mike Twitty. 

Now that you have gotten to know a bit more about Mike Twitty professionally, we want to share a bit more about him in lieu of his retirement. He has been married to his wife Julia for 47 years, it will be 48 this June. Only a short time away from the big 50-year anniversary! The couple have  three children and two beloved grandchildren. 

Outside of his work life, Mike enjoys cars and boating. You can expect him to use his time in retirement to travel, by boat or car, to many new and exciting places. Mike and his wife currently reside in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

We hope you have gotten to know more about Mike Twitty and his success with Kalmar Ottawa. We want to congratulate him again on his retirement and commend him for his excellent service to our company and the industry over the last 25 years.

Mike included a few personal remarks that we wanted to include.

"Don and Barbara and all the folks at Louisville switching have always done a great job, and it has been my pleasure to work with everyone there. Their expertise and "do it right" attitudes did make things easy for me.  If all businesses had the people and business ethics that are displayed and practiced at Louisville Switching, there would be no problems in this world. I look forward to continuing to know and be friends with all the folks at Louisville Switching! It has been my pleasure to know the fine people with Louisville Switching for all these years and I look forward to continuing our friendship for many more."

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