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Best Wishes and Congrats on Retirement to Barbara Brian!

Posted by Donald Robinson

Feb 12, 2019 9:58:35 AM

Our team at Louisville Switching would like to take the time to extend our well wishes and congratulations to Barbara Brian. Barbara has been with the company for 4 years this spring as an Inventory Controller.  Her 21 years of industry experience has added a tremendous amount of value to our company since her start with us. We are so grateful for the opportunity to have had her as a part of the Louisville Switching team and want to congratulate her on retirement! Before we see her off, we want to share some information about her position and success with us over the years.

Get to Know the Role of An Inventory Controller 

As an Inventory Controller, Barbara's position was to track the inventory we receive and properly store, document, and account for the shipments and merchandise. Her role includes tracking part merchandise and shipments, accounting for part warranties, and purchasing parts and office supplies. She is essentially "in control" of all things that go in and out of the warehouse. We knew we would have big shoes to fill when it came to finding her replacement and we are grateful to announce that Chris Cassady will be taking her place. We spoke with Chris Cassady, our former Parts Coordinator, to hear about Barbara's contribution to the parts department and how she has aided in his transition into this role. We asked Barbara if she could give one piece of advice to Chris as he enters this role what it would be. She emphasized that you need to have a strong attention to detail. 

During her time as our Inventory Controller, Barbara refined our systems to track all of our parts and created a well organized group and facility that we now refer to as the Parts Department. Because of the systems she put into place, we saw rapid growth in our parts department. Her role placed an emphasis on service, whether it be servicing parts or warranties on parts. 

Barbara got her start at Louisville Switching from a friend and employee of the company, Butch Troutt, her former boss at The Apparel Group. Butch currently serves as a Consultant for Louisville Switching. Upon their relocating, Butch referred Barbara to us because he thought she'd be a perfect fit for this position. And that she was! 

We want to give our sincerest thank you to Barbara for her time with Louisville Switching and we are very glad to also announce that she will be staying on as a consultant, and continuing to help in the parts department from time to time. 

Welcoming Chris Cassady to Take Over Barbara's Legacy 

Chris is eager to take on the position of Inventory Controller and said that he has large shoes to fill, but is rising to the challenge with grace and excitement. Chris highly respects Barbara and appreciates how thorough she has been in explaining her systems to him in-depth. He mentioned what a fantastic teacher she is, which means a lot coming from Chris who was working as a school teacher before coming to Louisville Switching! "She corrects without removing confidence." 

We look forward to seeing how Chris takes on his new position and the direction he will lead Louisville Switching's parts department in.  

Contact us for more information on all things parts and stay tuned for an upcoming blog on Chris Cassady's new position here at Louisville Switching.