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Louisville Switching Blog

Chris Cassady is Being Promoted to Inventory Controller

Posted by Donald Robinson

Feb 13, 2019 11:40:33 AM

If you have read our most recent blog, then you know that our former Inventory Controller, Barbara Brian has retired from her role at Louisville Switching. Luckily, we have many talented, qualified members of our team that are eager to step into new positions within our company. That is the case with Chris Cassady- our former Parts Coordinator. Read more to find out about his history at Louisville Switching, some personal information about Chris, and his big promotion!

Revamping His Role At Louisville Switching 

As our Parts Coordinator, Chris would coordinate parts transactions between our Service Dept and our Parts Dept.  He was responsible for the delivery and recording of these deliveries in our accounting software.  His daily duties included performing cycle counts on stock levels, creating purchase orders, building parts and with our outside customers who purchase our parts. 

While Chris will still be tied to our Parts Department, his role and daily tasks have changed quite a bit. As an Inventory Controller, he will attend to reconciling our inventory with our accounting software and managing our current parts department. This includes procuring parts and managing incoming/outgoing parts to and from clients. Chris looks forward to furthering his skills and utilizing his talents at our company and growing in his new role. He has learned lots of valuable information on his new job duties from our former Inventory Controller, Barbara Brian. He said she was a great teacher, always encouraging him and giving constructive criticism that pushed him to learn and better his knowledge on all things parts. 

Before He Switched to Switching 

Before joining the industry of parts, trucks, and sales, Chris had a diverse background different than many of staff members on our team. He was a high school Social Studies teacher for 7 years previously, with work in the real estate world as well as a realtor. Since his start with us, Chris has flourished in this field and has grown an extensive knowledge about trucks and how parts work. 

In his down time, Chris enjoys spending time with his family or shooting hoops on the court in one of his basketball leagues.  We would like to congratulate Chris on this promotion within our company and commend him for all of the success he has had with us. We look forward to seeing how he will grow and thrive in his new role as Inventory Controller!

For more information on all of our truck parts, contact us today to speak with one of our specialized team members and stay tuned for our next blog on an update of our parts department, coming soon.