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Louisville Switching Blog

All the Part Brands We Offer at Louisville Switching

Posted by Donald Robinson

Jan 11, 2019 10:44:15 AM

Our parts department carries a wide and vast variety of specialized parts to meet the specific needs of your Ottawa Trucks. At Louisville Switching, we have an online search feature so you can browse all the current parts in our warehouse. We want you, our customers, to know all the parts brands we carry and explore all the available options to find what fits your unique requirements. 

Recently, we released a blog covering all the updates on our parts department, from our industry expertise to an inside look from our Inside Sales Manager, Chuck Duggins. We want to briefly breakdown some of the parts brands we offer so you are knowledgeable on their various features. 

1. Kalmar Ottawa Yard Truck Parts 

As you may know, Louisville Switching is a Premier Partner Kalmar Ottawa Truck Dealer and we carry their parts.  We know the value of your truck is high and you need all parts to be working at maximum capacity. You can search our parts department online to see the parts we have in stock for your yard truck today here

2. Cummins Engine Parts 

Cummins Engine Parts are well-known for their exceptional value and and long lifespan. When your Cummins engine has experienced wear and tear from years of quality use, we have the parts to be able to get it back to its original state. 

3. Fleetguard Filters

We offer multiple Fleetguard Filters, a fuel filtration system to improve sustainability and functionality, to cater to specific needs of your Cummins or other truck engine. The different types we carry include:

  • Fleetguard Air Filters
  • Fleetguard Fuel Filters
  • Fleetguard Hydraulic Filters
  • Fleetguard Oil Filters
  • Fleetguard Coolant Filters

4. Weller Reman

Weller Reman Truck Parts is a dedicated family brand committed to providing the best products to keep your truck functioning. Their products reduce downtime and tie in to our process of getting you truck up and running as fast as possible through part updates. 

5. Holland 5th Wheel Parts

The Holland brand of 5th wheels the world’s most popular fifth wheel. The FW35 Series we carry at Louisville Switching is the world’s most versatile and tested fifth wheel. This premium fifth wheel is designed for years of guaranteed performance, functionality, and value in the industry. The Holland 5th Wheel is available in a variety of models, including the FW31 NoLube™, the FW35 meets the needs of the trucking industry with ease and satisfaction. 

6. Fontaine Armor 5th Wheel Parts

Fontaine Armor 5th wheels are specifically designed for yard trucks. They are known for being stronger and easier to maintain than other fifth wheel brands, making them a prime candidate for Louisville Switching to work with. We want to provide only the best quality products for our customers and their trucks. 

7. InstaChain

Instachain is an automatic ice-chain brand designed around safety. This chain attachment can be used to increase traction during snowy and icy road conditions. Watch this video to hear more about the use for Instachains.


8. Jasper Engines

Jasper is a company specializing in gas and diesel engines, automatic and standards transmissions. differentials, and NASCAR transmissions for over 80 years. We carry their engines for the sheer quality and benefits your truck gains from their products. Whether you need a part replaced or the engine altogether, Jasper engines offer run-tested reliability and 3 year/100,000 mile warranty on parts and labor. 

We hope you have enjoyed getting a glimpse of all of the parts brands we carry at Louisville Switching. We want to provide our customers with the best possible brands on the market for the success of your yard truck. Give them a try for yourself and we promise you will be not disappointed with their quality. Although you can purchase any of these brands in-house, we also ship worldwide and enjoy interacting with clients around the world to fulfill trucking needs across continents and countries. 

For any information regarding your yard truck parts, contact us here