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Reduce The Risk of Accidents With Insta-chains

Posted by Donald Robinson

Sep 27, 2018 11:20:12 AM

Louisville Switching is a dealer of Insta-Chain, an automatic ice-chain brand. Insta-Chains is a chain attachment that can installed onto a truck to increase traction during unsafe weather conditions. During snow and icy road conditions, it is important to equip your vehicle with proper tools to ensure the safety of the driver. Our certified auto mechanics are able to install Insta-Chains here in our local service shop. Don't wait until winter gets here to focus on how to protect you and your truck from dangerous road conditions. 

Escape the Winter Worries with Insta-Chain

Insta-Chains allow a driver to flip the installed switch that activates the chain, from the comfort of inside of their truck. In cold, snowy climates and weather conditions, we all want to stay warm and dry. Insta-Chains allow a driver to do just that. If bad weather strikes, a driver can turn on their ice chain while their vehicle is in motion, saving the time of having to stop and install the chain manually. 

These chains reduce the risk of accidents and cost of having to replace tires or other parts of a vehicle that could be damaged as a result of an accident. Anybody who is required to get on the road during unsafe conditions are able to utilize Insta-Chains to their advantage. We service trucks of all sizes and purposes: school buses, ambulances/emergency respondent vehicles, fire trucks, semi-trucks, tour buses, transportation buses, garbage and waste trucks, snow plows, utility vehicles, and personal pick-up trucks. 

Watch this video of to learn more a out the Insta-Chain Installation Process:

Protecting our families, service workers, and ourselves is a top priority. Especially during winter, it is smart to have tools available when and if an emergency happens. Insta-Chains are a way to feel safe and prepared to tackle any winter worry that may cross your mind when unpredictable weather occurs. 

To see how Louisville Switching can service your truck for winter, contact us here