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Louisville Switching Blog

Ottawa Yard Trucks Are Going Like Hotcakes

Posted by Donald Robinson

Feb 12, 2015 3:14:00 PM

ottawa yard trucks louisville ky, ottawa dealers louisville ky, ottawa t2What goes faster than a pitcher of ice cold lemonade on a scorching hot summer day? For the Louisville Switching, the answer is... a 2015 T2 Kalmar Ottawa Yard Truck fresh off the lot on a frosty winter day.

Louisville Switching recently received two new Ottawa Trucks on the lot and within 48 hours they were sold. The short cycle that our Ottawas spend on the lot speaks to their popularity and a quality. Ottawa is #1 in the industry with models and options to fit any need. They are the "gold standard" in trailer moving solutions for warehouse and distribution operations, ports and rail terminals in North America. Built in Ottawa, Kansas, these yard trucks have been regarded for many years for their excellent durability, operator comfort, service ease and latest generation engines, featuring the cleanest in engine technology.

If your business would like to inquire about purchasing a new Kalmar/Ottawa Yard Truck, provide us with a little information and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. Contact us now before it gets snatched right off the lot!