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What is a Preventative Maintenance (PM) Service Kit?

Posted by Louisville Switching

Mar 26, 2020 2:50:13 PM

As you know, maintenance is a critical component of your operations -- you also know needing it can be expensive, time-consuming, and interruptive. 

Our main priority at Louisville Switching is keeping your trucks up and running year-round so you can continue focusing on the demands of your business. To help you do that, we offer Preventative Maintenance (PM) Service Kits, which serve as useful tools to help you maximize the lifespan of your yard trucks and minimize avoidable maintenance spending. 

technician replacing oil in truck  

The Top 5 Questions Asked About PM Service Kits

1. What is included in the PM Filter Service Kit?

Our PM Service Kit, also known as the PM Filter Service Kit, is an all-inclusive kit made up of 5-6 different filters that are integral for normal operation. We offer this kit to our customers as an option to replace all filters at one time for optimal maintenance. The kit includes hydraulic, fuel, oil, air, and transmission filters.

Unsure of when you need to replace these filters in your truck? A good rule-of-thumb is to replace all filters every 200-500 hours of truck use. These preventative maintenance service kits allow you to replace all filters in one maintenance visit to your service shop versus having to individually replace each filter at separate times, equaling time and cost savings. 

Our PM service kits are cost-effective, making it easy to prepare for future maintenance without hurting your budget. By having spare kits available when you need them, you can save costs related to operational downtime. Check out this blog on Fleetguard Filters and how you can incorporate them into your service kit. 

 2. Is the promotion still going on with the PM Service Kits?

Yes, our promotion is still happening with 20% OFF a PM Filter Service Kit! 

We value our customers and understand the inconvenience avoidable maintenance can be. Our goal is to help you maximize uptime and minimize the costs associated with downtime of your yard truck operations. We strive to walk the talk with our commitment to customer service and satisfaction, as well as fair pricing.

 3. Are these kits available year-round or only seasonally?

Our PM Service Kits are available year-round. Trucks are always in need of servicing and regular filter maintenance, and we want to be your local option you can count on when you need to replace your truck's filters.

However, we have noticed our customers value preparedness. During poor weather conditions, such as low temperatures, icy or snowy weather, and other hazardous conditions, we see a peak in the purchasing of our PM service kits. In addition, during the fall months (October and November), customers tend to stock up on these kits to prepare their trucks and fleets for the upcoming winter season.

To avoid your filters going out on you, we recommend having a PM kit schedule lined up with our team at Louisville Switching. All of our current trucks follow this schedule based on the amount of hour usage per truck, which allows each truck's filters to be replaced exactly when they are needed. 

4. Why do I need a PM service kit?

Not only do these kits save you time by eliminating shop visits every time you need to replace a filter, it also saves you money. Time is money, and every second your truck is out of operation is a minute you are not using it to maximize your revenue. Additionally, our PM service kits are valued at such a great deal so you don't need to purchase each filter individually for a higher market price.

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your truck up and running, as well as performing as efficiently as possible. A service kit is part of this necessary maintenance. Some of our customers only have one truck, and they need it to run efficiently 24/7 to avoid larger problems and keep operations moving smoothly. We understand you can't afford to lose time and money with downtime, and we're here to help. Keep your operations running at full capacity all year long with our PM service kits.

5. What are the main benefits of the PM Service Filter Kit?

As we've mentioned above, there are many benefits and uses for our PM service kits. In summary, here are some of the advantages you can receive when choosing our kits for your trucks' servicing:

  • Saves you time with convenient, same-time filter replacement
  • Helps you be prepared to avoid problems down the road
  • Saves you money at an inexpensive, competitive price 
  • Provides integral filters that are part of regular truck maintenance 
  • Comes from a local provider committed to serving you with excellence

If you are interested in purchasing a PM filter service kit for your truck or fleet this season, let us help! Give our Parts Department a call today at 502.935.5838 and ask for Chuck or Wayne to meet all of your filter needs this spring.