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5  Ways To Improve Yard Safety

Posted by Louisville Switching

May 14, 2020 2:49:49 PM

Safety has been top-of-mind for everyone in the last few months, and that isn't going away anytime soon. However, as the manager or operator of a yard, safety should always be your top priority to keep your drivers, employees, and equipment safe. At Louisville Switching, we value safety and the impact it can have on your business's operations, which is why we are committed to providing valuable information and resources to improve your yard's overall compliance, regulations, and efforts at staying safe. 

The Top 5 Ways To Improve Safety In The Truck Yard 

1. Improve Your Truck Maintenance Process

A safe truck yard doesn’t mean only your drivers and employees are safe – you must also ensure your trucks and other equipment are safe to operate. Without a properly-operating system, a safe driver can only make so much of a difference. Preventative maintenance, regular vehicle inspections, and staying up-to-date on vehicle recalls can keep your fleet operating at its maximum efficiency. Following a routine maintenance plan, such as a Preventative Maintenance (PM) Service Plan, can help improve your process and ensure your yard runs safely. Learn more about the importance of a preventative maintenance plan in this blog article.

2. Safety Training Courses 

Safety education provides many benefits to your yard. It can not only help prevent and avoid injuries, but also decrease the likelihood of accidents occurring in the future. Accidents can be caused by both drivers and other workers in and out of your yard. That's why we offer a Safety Training Certification Program here at Louisville Switching designed to train drivers, workers, and all other employees that operate in and around your yard for optimum safety precautions and procedures. Learn more about our Safety Training Program here

3. Monitor All Operations In The Yard

Tracking driver behavior and operations helps to reduce unnecessary drive time, increase safety, and conserve fuel. Speeding and reckless driving are two of the most common driving behaviors that can lead to accidents and injuries, costing your business time and money. Using a GPS tracking system gives you 24/7, real-time access to your drivers’ actions from your desktop or mobile device. Monitoring the operations of your fleet will lead to an increase in fleet safety and driver productivity.

4. Create Safety Incentive Programs

After your employees have completed safety training courses, like our Safety Training Certification Program we mentioned above, it is important to continue their education. A crucial aspect of continuing their safety education is by actively engaging with safety tips and staying up-to-date on the most recent safety regulations and laws. A great way to keep your team motivated to continue their safety education is through safety incentive programs, which can include bonuses, extra time off, or other unique rewards. 

5. Keep the Safety Conversation Going 

The final step in improving safety in the yard is to regularly communicate with your drivers and employees on the importance of safety in the workplace. Internal company emails that feature a safety tip of the week can help keep yard safety top-of-mind. Safety isn’t a topic you should only cover when an employee is hired or if an accident occurs – it should be a focus every time a driver gets behind the wheel or operates a piece of equipment.

If you have any questions when it comes to yard safety, we would be happy to answer them. Contact our team to learn more about the topic of safety and keep your yard safe this year!