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Everything You Need To Know About Fleetguard Filters

Posted by Louisville Switching

Oct 22, 2019 10:54:16 AM

At Louisville Switching, we carry a variety of Cummins Fleetguard Filters that enhance the performance of your Cummins or Ottawa Yard Truck engine. Fleetguard filters are a fuel filtration system that revolutionizes regular truck maintenance by enabling owners to better predict downtime, synchronize service work, and optimize maintenance spend. 

We carry the following types of Fleetguard Filters that fit each of our customer's specific needs and improve overall performance for all trucks: 

Types of FleetGuard Filters

Fleetguard Air Filters

The first type of filter we offer is a Cummins Fleetguard Air Filter that works to meet each customer's specific technical need and encompassing factors that include: media fiber size, share, pore size, thickness, weave, and mechanical strength. 

Fleetguard Fuel Filters

Fleetguard Fuel Filters deliver the highest-class performance to remove and capture harmful contaminants over the life of the filter, therefore extending its lifespan. These filters ensure maximum fuel system protection via OEM specifications. 

Fleetguard Hydraulic Filters

Fleetguard hydraulic filters cover a broad variety of products found in the marketplace, and are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications. We also have four families of general purpose mix-and-match, spin-on filter heads and filters that cover the different flow and pressure requirements in a range of filtration efficiency.

Fleetguard Oil Filters

Cummins Oil Filters provide lube products that meet and exceed OE performance requirements, as well as the new challenges of modern engine tech. The effect of clean lubricating oil significantly influences the life of your engine, and can lower your total cost of operation over the life of your engine.

Fleetguard Coolant Filters

Each Fleetguard Coolant Filter is tested to go above and beyond industry standards. This full line of coolant filters offers conventional technology to the newest technology of organic additives, to fit every customer's needs. 

No matter what type of filter you need, we have a Cummins Fleetguard Filter option for your truck. Check out these benefits of using our Fleetguard Filters, and learn how they enhance your truck's lifespan:

3 Benefits of Fleetguard Filters 

Reduced Downtime

The Fleetguard filters we carry provide data analytics that help predict future insights to reduce downtime. These filters also help prevent future failed events, turning them into planned maintenance for the future. 

Lower Service and Maintenance Costs

Each type of Cummins Fleetguard Filter creates transparency in your truck's oil and filter longevity. This means you can better predict when to replace your oil or filter, saving you time and money from premature replacement. If you have an issue  with your filter, you can easily detect the problem and proactively fix it before it becomes an even larger issue for your yard truck. 

Improved Cost of Ownership 

Thanks to the prognosis allowing for early problem detection, a Fleetguard filter saves you money in the long run and can extend the life of your equipment. 

If you have specific filter questions or need help identifying which filter is right for your yard truck, reach out to Chuck in our Parts Department. We are happy to give you estimates over the phone for your filter, as well!