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Technology and a New Generation of Workers Mean More Industry Growth

Posted by Donald Robinson

Jun 16, 2016 11:03:00 AM

bigstock_truck.jpgWe are wrapping up our blog series on the logistics industry, and this week we will be talking about Over the Road Freight (OTR). If you missed it, check out our blog from last week on the logistics of the U.S. freight system or the logistics of planes and water travel from the week before.

Even in light of the technological innovation and increased market share in many different forms of modern transportation, the trucking industry stands by its old adage, "If you bought it, a truck brought it." Over the road shipping is a solid market, withemployment growth projected at 5% over the next 8 years.

Trucking Industry Logistics

The trucking industry transports large quantities of project supplies, raw materials, and finished goods over our nation's roadways. Trucks are used in the manufacturing, retail, and construction industries to move bulk quantities of dirt, concrete, rocks, and other building materials. After manufacturing, trucks facilitate the majority of freight over land.

Technology Is At the Forefront of Over-the-road Logistics

The trucking industry is no stranger to technology, and as an industry, it is keeping pace with logistics across the spectrum. Innovations in technology that make satellite communication, cloud-based computing, and shipping logistics software possible while on the road have allowed the industry to evolve beyond the less-connected years of radio transmissions and sporadic email scheduling.

As over-the-road logistics becomes more technologically advanced, operators expect to see more collaborative cloud-based platforms that promise to streamline shipping operations and make communications between truckers and operations headquarters easier. Industry experts expect that this technology will increase the overall productivity of logistics operations across the board and ease the burden on drivers and logistics personnel.

Job Growth Is Expected to Continue As Boomers Age Out

In addition to valuable operations-related benefits, these technological innovations have made being on the road easier for the men and women who spend their days driving—it keeps them connected, entertained, and able to stay focused over those long, solitary distances.

Trucking is expected to experience significant job growth over the next ten years as baby boomers age out of the industry and new hires become more in demand. While technology has made the nature of the work more productive and less solitary, the traditionally long hours and dangerous nature of the work mean qualified drivers are a valuable asset in a growing industry. Career opportunities in this sector are expected to become more lucrative with a heavier emphasis on quality of life moving forward.

We hope you enjoyed learning about OTR transportation today. Let us know your thoughts on OTR transportation in the U.S, or thoughts about our logistics series in general by commenting in the box below.

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