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The Newest Yard Trucks For Sale at Louisville Switching

Posted by Louisville Switching

Feb 18, 2020 10:34:57 AM

A new year means new trucks. Kalmar Ottawa released its 2020 yard truck models with all the features you know and love, plus some new ones, too! We probably don't need to tell you why the Ottawa T2 is the best yard truck out there (but just in case we do, you can see for yourself here). If you're raring to go and eager to get your hands on a 2020 Ottawa T2, head on over to our Sales page. But if you still need some convincing that it's time to add a new yard truck to your fleet, read on to explore the 2020 Kalmar Ottawa T2 yard truck and all it has to offer.


New 2020 Yard Trucks For Sale

Every new release of this truck improves upon the last. Kalmar Ottawa's 2020 fleet of T2 yard trucks features both off-road and DOT units. These new trucks are equipped with the industry's latest technology and mechanics to help improve your bottom line.

The chassis is built to withstand the pressure of heavy lifting and fast pace, ensuring optimum efficiency for your operations. Quick-lift cylinders and improved lift support offer faster, more powerful fifth-wheel lifting. 

Some of the returning features you know and love from the 2019 Ottawa T2's include:

  • ABS Brake System
  • Cummins B6.7 200 HP
  • Allison 3000RDS
  • A/C unit 
  • Air Dryer
  • LED Light Package
  • Block Heater

And new features that make this model the best one yet:

  • 116" and 126" wheelbase options
  • 2-year, 6,000-hour warranty 

Plus, our team knows you need and want different options and custom features for your truck to best serve your operations. This model can be customized both in cosmetic features and functionality. Our sales team works with every customer individually to help them find the best fit for their business. You can read about the customization options here, or check them out in this video.

Why You Need A New Yard Truck, From Louisville Switching 

Equipped with the features above, the 2020 T2 yard trucks offer you more efficiency, safer operations, and easier maintenance. One additional benefit is these units are onsite and available at our location. In previous years, trucks had to be ordered, which typically took about 120 days. This year, the trucks are onsite and waiting for you. 

Seeing these fresh units in person truly seals the deal for many customers. Don't hesitate -- come see the 2020 units for yourself and experience the difference when you give it a test drive.

If you are interested in seeing one of our new Ottawa yard trucks for sale, you can set up an appointment with one of our expert team members. We would be happy to walk you through each unit and help you find the best fit for your needs.