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Safety Tips for Operating your Ottawa

Posted by Donald Robinson

Dec 12, 2018 12:59:36 PM

When operating highly-mechanical vehicles like your Ottawa Yard Truck, there are important safety tips to follow to keep yourself, others, and your truck protected. Our Ottawa Maintenance Manual provides all the inside knowledge of how to maintain the best condition of your Kalmar Terminal Tractor, safety tips, and procedural instructions specific to Ottawas. To ensure you are practicing good safety tips before, during, and after operating your Ottawa truck, we have created a list of Do's and Don'ts to follow.

The Do's and Don'ts of Ottawa Truck Safety 


  • Do use care when removing the radiator filler cap. When the engine is hot, rotate the cap to the first detent, allow the pressure to dissipate and then remove it.
  • Do stay clear when lowering the cab.
  • Do set the parking brake when parking the vehicle.
  • Do use protective gear such as googles, vests, and helmets when operating on the vehicle.
  • Do follow OSHA safety laws and regulations 


  • Don't apply full throttle while the engine is cold.
  • Don’t allow sparks or flames nearby when inspecting fuel, fuel tank or filler-neck strainer.
  • Don’t operate the vehicle with inspection plates, cover plate or engine access doors removed or open.
  • Don’t weld or flame cut frame rails or drill holes in rail flanges.
  • Don’t modify the vehicle or its equipment without the advice and written consent of the Engineering department at Kalmar.
  • Don’t push start the vehicle.
  • Don’t stand or work under a raised cab unless the safety prop on the tilt cylinder is locked.
  • Don’t shift the transmission from neutral to drive or reverse at engine speeds above idle.

Download our Ottawa Maintenance Manual for a full list of safety precautions and important information for maintaining your Ottawa yard truck here