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Ottawa Yard Trucks: An Efficient and Safe Option

Posted by Donald Robinson

Oct 1, 2014 1:04:00 PM

Ottawa yard truck dealers louisville kyIn the time it takes a typical semi truck to drop off a trailer, which is around six minutes and twenty-seven seconds, an Ottawa Yard Truck would have already moved three complete trailers. Is that the kind of increased productivity your company is looking for? If those statistics seem intriguing, consider these other features.

Yard spotters, or yard trucks, are designed specifically for the task of moving trailers with ease and efficiency, requiring far less time to operate than a typical semi truck. The following features enhance the capabilities of the yard spotter:

The spotter truck is equipped with a fifth wheel that allows the driver to back up, use a lever to raise and lower the trailer on spot. There is no need to crank the trailer dollies up or down. This truck is also equipped with a rear sliding door that allows the driver to step out and couple and uncouple the air and electric lines with ease. On a semi tractor, the driver would have to step out of the truck and fumble with the cables after stepping up and down multiple times. The short wheelbase, automatic transmission and power steering of the yard truck also enable the truck to make sharper turns and faster movements than the semi truck. A yard spotter is able to drop off one trailer in two minutes and eight seconds, one-third of the time it takes the semi truck to do the same job. 

In addition to the unique design, the yard spotter has some important safety features that are not available in the semi truck. The cab of the yard truck has windows all around to allow for better visibility when hauling trailers. This design is a critical help for yard truck drivers, as the driver can see exactly what he is doing from all angles. In a semi, visibility presents a problem to the driver, as he oftentimes has to rely on others when backing up. Sometimes, the driver himself has to get out of the truck to assess exactly where he needs to be. Having the ability to see all around is a safety issue for most semi truck drivers, however, the Ottawa Yard Truck prevents this safety issue. 

Yard trucks are designed to do the same job that semi trucks do by hauling trailers around a business or from one destination to the next. However, the unique design and safety features of the spotter allow the job to be completed with the least amount of man power and cost for the business. 

Louisville Switching is an Ottawa Yard Truck Dealer and can help your business become more efficient and productive. We welcome the opportunity for you to ask questions about the Ottawa brand or yard trucks in general. Click here to contact us online and tell us about some of the problems you're having in your yard. We'll be happy to talk on the phone and help you in making the best decisions for your business.