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Trust the Proven Durability of the Kalmar Ottawa CYT-30

Posted by Donald Robinson

Jun 4, 2014 2:24:00 PM

CYT-30 louisville ottawa dealer

Ottawa switching trucks have been the "gold standard" in yard tractors since 1958. Highly recognized for their excellent durability, operator comfort, service ease, and clean engine technology, the Kalmar Ottawa brand has produced more than twice the volume of all North America terminal tractor competitors combined.

As the original manufacturer of terminal tractors, Kalmar Ottawa was the first to offer machines with automatic transmission, rear door entry, power cab tilt, and ABS brake systems. Kalmar Ottawa trucks were also the very first truck in the industry to receive DOT/EPA certification, a classification for distribution and industrial customers that allows shunting trailers from the yard to public roadways.

Built beginning in 1993, the Kalmar Ottawa CYT-30 is still switching strong in yards today. The durability and dependability of this model make the CYT-30 a perfect addition to any fleet of switching trucks. If your business is in need of a gold standard yard truck with recognized durability, let Louisville Switching help you find one to add to your fleet. If it's not in your budget to purchase a new truck, Louisville Switching always has used models of the CYT rotating into and out of our rental fleet available for purchase or we can locate one for your business.

If your CYT-30 is in great shape but needs some mechanical work, Louisville Switching can handle that also. We bring our shop to you and make repairs on the spot, so that your spotter isn't out of service for long. Let Louisville Switching assist you in bringing the quality of Ottawa to your business.

As the world's leader in terminal tractors, Ottawa is committed to producing a wide range of tractor models for warehouse and distribution operations and offering top quality models that fit the needs of any business. Click here for more information on how Louisville Switching can help you add a quality Ottawa CYT-30 or other Ottawa product to your fleet. We are happy to help with all of your Ottawa needs.