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Download the Ottawa/Kalmar Owner's Manual

Posted by Donald Robinson

Oct 30, 2013 1:48:00 PM

New Call-to-ActionBuilt specifically for moving trailers around in yards for short distances, the Ottawa "purpose built truck" is best known for its maneuverability, time saving capability and potential to reduce exposure to workman's compensation injuries.

As a recently named OEM Kalmar/Ottawa dealer, Louisville Switching believes in the dependability of the Ottawa name. If you are looking to increase efficiency in your yard operation and boost employee morale while reducing your risk for worker injury, buying or leasing an Ottawa/Kalmar terminal tractor is the answer.

Downloading our Ottawa/Kalmar Owner's Manual is a great first step in educating key decision makers at your company about the benefits of owning an Ottawa/Kalmar tractor.

This 68-page manual from Ottawa will help you:

  • Create a safer operator experience
  • Keep tabs on your Ottawa/Kalmar Truck for maintenance purposes
  • Train new operators to be proficient prior to field use
  • Increase efficiency in the use of your Terminal Tractors

Click here to download the free manual today and introduce yourself to the quality brand of Ottawa/Kalmar.