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Louisville Switching Blog

Employee Spotlight: Meet Butch

Posted by Donald Robinson

Aug 14, 2013 2:57:00 PM

In continuing our employee spotlight series, we're introducing our sales and parts manager, Butch. Read a little bit about Butch's role and what he does when he's not working at Louisville Swithing. 

My job title is Inside Sales and Parts Manager. I spend my days at Louisville Switching helping customers problem solve and get the parts they need to repair their trucks. I also order all of the parts for inventory, and monitor inventory levels to try and keep the parts that are most often used in stock. I am also always looking for alternate sourcing opportunities and researching hard-to-find items, or items that are in short supply. 

I have been in this industry a little over three years. I previously worked for the Apparel Group and Enro Shirt Co. for about 38 years, primarily in distribution. I enjoy helping our customers, and the relationships that develop. I get a lot of satisfaction helping solve problems. 

I enjoy being outside during my spare time. I like to hunt, fish, and try to play golf. My dream job would be water patrol or a park ranger at one of Kentucky's beautiful lakes.