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Why Louisville Switching is Your Go-To for Yard Truck Certification

Posted by Louisville Switching

Jul 12, 2019 2:09:58 PM

We sat down with our Sales and Leasing Manager, Chris Troutt, to discuss the Ottawa Yard Truck Certification we offer at Louisville Switching. This certification is necessary and important for any prospect/current yard truck drivers to be able to stay up-to-date on current regulations, training protocols, and driving tactics that drivers should be aware of before getting on the road. 


What is Yard Truck Certification? 

Our Ottawa Yard Truck Certification is essentially a safety training course all yard truck operations. Many people have misconceptions of what a yard truck certification is exactly. It is NOT a "how-to" on a particular operation such as backing in a trailer- that would talk multiple days to train on. This certification is a training class involving multiple procedures for how to safely operate your yard truck. Our program is usually sought out by trainers from trucking companies that are wanting to train their drivers on truck safety. Truck Driver retention is not very high and many companies are forced to hire inexperienced drivers that are in need of training in order to adequately and safely operate their yard truck. That's where we can help.

The Process of Becoming Certified 

The class to earn your Yard Truck Certification can accommodate a group of 5 at a time. The class typically takes 3-4 hours from start to finish to conduct. The point of this certification is to be a hands-on learning course; if the class was larger than 5, it would not be as extensive of a learning process for the trainees. 

To begin the Yard Truck Certification class, whoever is instructing the class will give a brief introduction of Louisville Switching, including the parts and services we offer. Next, there will be a video presentation on all the interworking parts from top to bottom of an Ottawa truck, including its benefits and features. There is a pre-trip inspection before anyone is able to operate the truck. We will correct cab ingress and egress methods employing 3-point contact. 

Following this, we will go over housekeeping inside of an Ottawa Yard Truck, because a clean, working truck is important before operating it. The next portion of training will go over engine starting procedures, trailer coupling, insuring proper kingpin engagement, connection airbrake lines, and spotting the trailer. At the end of this informational session, general safety instructions will be provided before heading out to the trucks for use.

The group will then go out into the stock yard and each participant will perform the pre-inspection form then operate the yard truck to ensure they are equipped with all skills needed to drive an Ottawa. After we approve their driving functions, a signed evaluation form will be given to each participant's employer for documentation of their completed driving training. At the end of the class, each participant will be awarded a certificate of completion for the Ottawa Yard Truck Safety Training. 

Why Get Yard Truck Certified? 

There has been a higher need for more well-trained truck drivers as of recent, according to Chris. Many companies hire employees with little or no driving experience and need training to be able to perform necessary driving skills. Often times a trainer from a company will also come to the class in order to learn how to train their future employees in-house.

There is a $20.00 training video and $30.00 manual available for purchase. Call 502.935.5838 if you are interested in buying these items and thus gaining a general overview of yard truck safety. However, the video does not result in certification from Louisville Switching. We recommend that companies going over the safety video and manual with their drivers every 6 months to a year.

For more information on our Ottawa Yard Trucks or how to get certified through Louisville Switching, call us or email our Sales Manager, Chris here