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5 Largest Business Parks in Kentucky

Posted by Donald Robinson

Sep 13, 2016 10:40:00 AM

Kentucky is a great place to do business. Its central location, low cost of living and operation and many other perks have made it the go-to spot for companies all over the nation. Following is an overview of the five largest business parks in the state as well as a peek at what types of industries each park serves.

Northern Kentucky Industrial Park

The Northern Kentucky Industrial Park is the largest tri-state business park. It presently covers 1,175 acres but plans are in place for it to expand to just over 1,200 acres. 

There are close to 900 companies currently operating in this industrial park. They vary in size but the most common businesses on the premises are industries, offices and retailers. Saint Elizabeth Healthcare, the largest employer in Northern Kentucky, has two offices in this industrial park, as does Fidelity Investments, the third largest employer in the area. 


EastPark is a 1,000 acre industrial park in Northeastern Kentucky. It is located at the intersection of Interstate 64 and KY 67, making it easy for transport to leave and enter the site. The park is also connected to a port on the Ohio River. 

EastPark is divided into two sections. One section is home to AT&T Mobility, Cintas and other, large entities. Companies found in the second section include General Sales Company, H.T. Hackney Company and the FIVCO Area Development District Central Office. 

CirclePort Business Park

CirclePort Business Park is a prestigious area that is currently home to over sixty business entities. It is 650 acres in size and located in close proximity to the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. CirclePort offers great amenities to all its companies, including a fiber optics network, bus services through the business park and a scenic atmosphere with trees, parks and waterfalls. 

International companies that have set up headquarters here include Toyota, Convergys, Wild Flavors and National Underwriter Co. Most businesses in this area are offices, industries, hotels and retailers.  

SEK Business Park

SEK (Southeast Kentucky) Business Park is a relatively new development. It is nearly 600 acres and current occupants include large corporations such as CTA Acoustics Inc., Breaktime, a large Pepsi Distribution Center and KOWA Kentucky, a large international company that uses electroless nickel plating to manufacture machine components. 

SEK is conveniently located just over three miles from Interstate 75. Its scenic atmosphere includes hills and forests and the area offers flexible lot space to suit the needs of just about any business. 

Settler's Point Business Park

Settler's Point Business Park is located in Shepherdsville. It is only a 20 minute drive from Louisville International Airport and is located in close proximity to Interstate 65. Settler's Point is one of the fastest growing business parks in the state and is currently home to a mixed group of industries, retailers, hotels and offices. Companies currently operating on the site include Medline, Lowe's and National City Bank.

At Louisville Switching we pride ourselves on staying on top of current industry news. We think that the businesses that can be found in these  parks are the key in continuing to make the state of Kentucky a thriving community. If you would like to learn more about what we do at Louisville Switching, check out this page. 

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