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Why Louisville Switching is Your Trusted OEM Dealer

Posted by Louisville Switching

Dec 5, 2019 4:34:49 PM

Louisville Switching has been in the logistics industry – renting, leasing, selling, and servicing yard trucks, as well as providing exceptional service to our clients – for decades. We are a premium OEM dealer, specialized in Kalmar Ottawa Yard Trucks, that serves Louisville, KY and the surrounding area. 

What does being an OEM dealer mean, and why should I look to Louisville Switching as that trusted partner? 

Read on to discover how we can help minimize your business' downtime by providing all-encompassing service for you and your yard trucks.

What Does it Mean to Be an OEM Dealer?

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is the original producer of vehicle components. Therefore, OEM vehicle parts are identical to those used to build a vehicle or truck because the OEM parts are produced by the same maker of the truck. 

OEM parts tend to be more expensive than other aftermarket parts. But the price difference brings peace of mind with the assurance your replacement parts are fully compatible with your truck, and are made with the same quality standards as the original parts.

Louisville Switching is an OEM dealer for Kalmar Ottawa Yard Trucks, meaning you can find the reliable parts you need, both online or in-shop, when you need them.

Why Louisville Switching is Your Trusted OEM Dealer

We specialize in the following services to meet your business's unique needs and serve as a prime Ottawa Yard Truck OEM Dealer for the region, across the United States, and even worldwide. 

Sales & Parts

At any given time, we have dozens of yard trucks for sale. From new to used, we have options that can fit the needs of your business. 

We also keep a stocked warehouse of parts ready to be shipped worldwide. We make it quick and easy to get the parts you need -- from tires to engine parts -- to keep your fleet operating efficiently, ultimately helping to reduce downtime. Most of our parts are available through same-day shipping and next-day delivery.

Leasing & Rental

Need a yard truck for your business, but purchasing isn't an option? No worries -- Louisville Switching offers leasing and rental options for all Ottawa Yard Trucks. 

We offer the following renting and leasing options:

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly rentals
  • 1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-year lease agreements

All of our lease and rental agreements are full-service maintenance agreements. Aside from our listed leasing options above, we offer custom agreements  specifically tailored to your business requirements and needs. 

Service & Refurbishment

After purchasing or leasing an Ottawa Yard Truck from Louisville Switching, our commitment doesn't end there. We are dedicated to keeping your trucks and your operation running smoothly. 

If your truck requires service for a technical or mechanical issue, we have a service department committed to quickly addressing and fixing those issues. Our team can come to your business and service your yard trucks on-site with our mobile service truck. We can also service your truck in our fully-equipped garage at our Louisville location. Additionally, we can provide preventive maintenance for your trucks and trucking equipment. 

Refurbishment is also a great option for truck owners who want to keep their current model truck while updating the parts, body, and other elements to lengthen the use and quality of the truck. If your truck has seen years of pulling and hard work, it may be time to look into refurbishment to keep it operating at maximum speed and efficiency.

If you need yard truck maintenance from parts to service, we hope you will trust our team at Louisville Switching to be your trusted OEM dealer in Louisville and the surrounding area. Contact us today with any questions you have about our Ottawa Yard Trucks.