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Why Louisville Switching is Your Premium Ottawa Yard Trucks Part Supplier

Posted by Louisville Switching

Oct 1, 2019 10:09:29 AM

At Louisville Switching, aside from truck servicing, leasing, and renting, one of the main services we offer is parts fulfillment. Parts are an integral aspect of keeping your yard truck up and running, and therefore, keeping your business running smoothly and without interruption in your daily operations. 

With our long-term partnership with Kalmar Ottawa, we are a premium Ottawa Yard Truck Parts Supplier and OEM Dealer for companies across the globe. Whether you need to locate a part or purchase a part directly from our warehouse, we want to equip you with all of your parts needs, from general maintenance to questions about your parts. Our Parts Manager, Chuck, is available to answer your parts questions and assist your yard truck needs. 

Today we want to share how to use our online parts search feature, and offer a breakdown of our parts shipping service available to our customers. 

Our Parts Search Feature 

As a yard truck owner, you typically know when something doesn't sound right or isn't making a familiar sound on your truck. If you can locate the root of the problem and from where the issue stems, you can easily look to replace the part. This is why we have created a Parts Search Feature on our website. If you know the exact product number you are looking for, you can type that into our search bar to locate that part. 

You are able to locate any yard truck part by name or number. If we have the part in stock, you will be prompted to complete a form to contact one of our certified parts specialist from our team. 

Each member of our Parts Department, who you’ll meet in a moment, comes with solid experience and expertise. We assure you your truck is in great hands. 

Meet Our Parts Team

First, meet Chris Cassady. Chris serves as a Parts Supervisor. He handles the buying and overseeing all of the parts coming in and going out of the warehouse. His day-to-day duties include making sure our stock levels are correct in our accounting software, creating purchase orders, building parts, and ensuring customers are happy.

The next member on our Parts Team is Wayne Daughtery. Wayne is our Parts Coordinator. His role consists of pulling parts needed for sales, shipping, or other services, as well as making order forms prior to shipping out parts.

Lastly, meet Chuck Duggins, our External Parts Sales Manager. Chuck is one of our highly-experienced Ottawa Truck repairmen. Because of Chuck's expertise, we maintain high levels of retention and satisfaction among the customers we serve daily. Chuck is also a critical part of our Preventative Maintenance (PM) team.

Chuck reviews your form request and contacts you immediately to ship you the part directly to your business. We know getting your parts is necessary to the efficiency and productivity of your business's operations. This is why we make prompt shipping and delivery an integral part of your ordering process. 

To meet more of our team, click here

Next-Day Shipping On All Parts

Our Louisville Headquarters are located right down the road from a UPS Shipment Center, giving us easy access to get your parts shipped through Next-Day shipping. No matter where you are located, nationally or globally, most of our parts will ship the next day after you order them within 24 hours. 

Additionally, our onsite warehouse is stocked with thousands of parts, ready to be shipped when you need them, decreasing downtime of your operations. In most cases, your part(s) will not even need to be ordered, and they will come straight from our warehouse to your business. 

If you are in need of any parts for your new or used Ottawa Yard Truck, reach out to our Parts Department by calling 866.879.8659 or visit our contact page.  We are happy to help and supply your truck with all parts to keep it operating at full capacity.