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Louisville Switching is Your Premier Ottawa Dealer

Posted by Louisville Switching

Nov 26, 2019 2:01:46 PM

Since our start in 1973, Louisville Switching has serviced the Louisville area as a Kalmar Ottawa dealer. Whether you are leasing, renting, or buying an Ottawa truck, our team can assist you in finding the right truck to fit your business' needs

Kalmar Ottawa: A Brief History

Kalmar Ottawa got its start in 1943 as Ottawa Steel Products, Inc., a manufacturer for farm equipment attachments in Kansas. Over the decades, the company changed its product line and name, but is known for its invention of the terminal tractor, as well as the name Ottawa Truck.

Kalmar Ottawa is the global leader in the terminal tractor business, having produced more than 70,000 units – more than double of all its competitors combined. These Ottawa trucks are best known for their superior quality and reliability, and have set the standard in trailer moving solutions across the globe

Louisville Switching's Partnership with Ottawa 

At Louisville Switching, trucks are our business. As an OEM Kalmar Ottawa dealer, every aspect of your yard truck experience can be handled quickly and efficiently at Louisville Switching. We focus on:

Whether you are considering purchasing a used Ottawa or looking to add a new one to your fleet, we have the expertise to help your company make a smooth transition to ownership. We work with you to choose the truck that makes the most sense for your business.

If you already own an Ottawa truck and it requires some extra attention, we can help. We have an extensive inventory of parts we ship worldwide with next-day delivery. Even if we don’t have the part you need in stock, we can get it quickly.

Our in-house service department is ready to assist you, having the resources to refurbish, repair, or rebuild your yard truck. Our certified technicians are equipped to do repairs, diagnose, and fix problems in our onsite shop.

We also offer a 24/7 mobile truck service to local customers, able to travel to a specific destination if you have an urgent need. You can rest easy knowing Louisville Switching is working hard to minimize your downtime by getting your trucks up and running again.

No matter the assistance you seek for your Ottawa truck, our team of experts is at your service. Contact us today and experience the Louisville Switching difference