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Unveiling the Invincible Ottawa- not really but it sounds fun

Posted by Joel Gerdis

Jun 23, 2010 1:37:00 PM

Don Robinson, ice chains, Invincible Ottawa, Louisville Ottawa Dealer, Louisville Switching Truck Sales, mobile service trucks, Ottawa repairs, Ottawa spotter trucks, Ottawa Terminal Tractors, Ottawa truck parts, Ottawa TrucksWe told you a few months back about the Invincible Ottawa(It’s able to leap tall buildings in a single bound ). After purchasing the Invincible Ottawa you’ll never need another spotter truck for your business. The helicopter blades on the Invincible Ottawa work great for those tough to reach jobs like mountain tops. The Invincible Ottawa also comes with hover craft functionality. Have a job halfway down the Mississippi? No problem. The dozer tracks and ice chains make any surface negotiable. Thinking about expanding business into the Artic or the Sahara, think no more. No climate is too tough as our Invincible Ottawa comes with a complete HVAC system on the back. Heat Pump and Geo Thermal controls make it easy to take your Ottawa from one end of the globe to the other.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase your Invincible Ottawa today! If you call today we’ll also throw in a free set of kitchen knives. If you order online you can even take advantage of our free shipping offer. Yes free shipping. Even though it would cost more than the price of the vehicle to ship it for free.

Well, obviously you know this is all for fun and a whole bunch of hype. At Louisville Switching Service and Louisville Switching Truck Sales we don’t like a lot of hype. Even though our Ottawa trucks have a great reputation for their durability, our trucks do break down from time to time. The elements can effect them as well, although we are always searching for ways to make them better.

Instead of hype and promises no one can keep we like to make promises we can keep.

If you’re not into hype but are into great service, great products and long lasting relationships; then contact us today.

(P.S. Thanks to Josh Starr over at Solid Giant Web Design for creating the graphic for the Invincible Ottawa)