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Demo Video, Ottawa Truck versus a Day Cab

Posted by Joel Gerdis

Jul 23, 2010 1:02:00 PM

So why purchase an Ottawa Terminal Tractor (aka, yard dog, mule, spotter)?

Not just because they are neat. Even though they are pretty incredible.

Not just because they are affordable. Although we can find used Ottawa’s, order you new Ottawa’s and even lease them to you for great prices.

Not just because we said so. Don’t do anything because a salesman said so.

Not just because they are durable. They can take a lick and with our service contracts we keep you running when issues do arise.

Not just because they are sleek and fit in tight places. Well actually that’s a pretty good reason if you’re in that situation.

Here is the biggest reason why you need to get an Ottawa Terminal Tractor for your business. They outperform a day cab 3-1 in a time test. That’s a serious increase in productivity.

If this math makes sense to you, give us a call. You’re the kind of customer we love. The kind that sees a good business decision and acts on it. We’d love the opportunity to serve another incredible customer.

Contact us today to start the conversation.