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What does Louisville Switching have to do with Louisville events?

Posted by Joel Gerdis

Aug 25, 2010 12:39:00 PM

What does Louisville Switching Services have to do with Louisville concerts and events? Well a lot actually

You don’t typically see a band play without their instruments, a play take place without their props or a performance happen without a stage. You also don’t see conventions and trade shows without booths.

Ok. So ….

Louisville Switching Services provides spotting services for local venues like the Palace Theatre , the Kentucky Center for the Arts, and the Kentucky State Fairgrounds. When shows, acts and conventions roll into town; local venues often call on Louisville Switching Services. With our Ottawa trucks and skilled drivers, we can position trailers quickly for the loading and unloading of trailers full of equipment, instruments, booths, stages, props and all the other items it takes to make an event possible. Just about everything but the people.

Why are spotter trucks, like our Ottawa Terminal Tractor, used to position these trailers? A couple reasons.

1) A large road tractor or even a day cab can have trouble navigating in tight spaces. Some of the places we provide spotting services are in tight alley ways or on dead end streets. Our sleek Ottawa spotters are built for just this kind of situation.

2) Our drivers have been spotting trailers for years and they are good at maneuvering in tight places. Often times when a load is brought in the driver needs to move on down the road instead of hanging around to load and unload the cargo.

Sound like a service that could help your venue or business? Contact us today to start the conversation.