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Louisville Switching is excited to announce our new relationship with Reviva!

Utilizing the partnership with Reviva, we will be able to provide many more remanufactured diesel engine brands than ever before. For over 70 years, Reviva has been providing remanufactured engines and parts and we know they are going to help us provide even greater value to our customers.

Reviva's product line extends to Caterpillar, Cummins, Ford, General Motors, International and Mercedes. With this greater selection of remanufactured engines, we will now be able to serve customers engine needs beyond Ottawa yard trucks.

We are able to service engines beyond just the Ottawa engines of the past. Below is a list of the engines that we are able to provide thanks to our partnership with Reviva:

  • Caterpillar: 3126, 3208
  • Cummins: 4B, 6B, ISB, ISB02, ISB07, 6C
  • Ford: DI 7.3L, DI 6.0L
  • New Holland: IDI
  • General Motors: Duramax
  • International: DT466 Mech, DT466 E, T444E, VT365
  • Mercedes: Sprinter 2.7L

Additionally, Reviva stands behind their products and offers 2yr/unlimited mileage warranties on most of their on-road complete drop-in engine configurations. To see the warranty for each engine and configuration type you can see the full list of engines and warranties on their website.

For additional information, take a look at a recent blog that we wrote about our relationship!


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