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Ottawa Yard Truck Parts


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Ottawa Yard Truck Parts

Our parts department is stocked with thousands of parts, and we can get you what you need when you need it. With a UPS hub right down the road, we can send most things next-day air, whether you live around the corner or across the globe.

Below is a list of the parts requested most by our yard truck customers. Click on any of the links below to see images of those parts. Don't see what you are looking for? Call us today and we will locate the part you need and get it to you quickly.

5th Wheel Part Self Aligned Bearing - Part Number: 90022876 

Air Compressor - Part Number: 5286968rx 

Air Dryer AD9 - Part Number: 90025672 

Battery Cable - Part Number: 53558040

Brake Treadle Valve - Part Number: 53100507 

Cable Defroster 37" - Part Number: 90021672

Control 5th Wheel Morse - Part Number 90022547

Cylinder Air Jaw Release - Part Number: 90026594

Cylinder Tilt - Part Number: 90029669

Elbow Exhaust - Part Number: 90004175

Hydraulic Valve for Fifth Wheel - Part Number: 90016497 

Inside Door Rear Latch - Part Number: 90025938

LS Solenoid - Part Number: 90028112

Pedal Elec Throttle - Part Number: 90030300

Plate Motor - Part Number: 90021703  

Pneu Quick Release Valve - Part Number: 9002954

PTO MD Trans NO Shift: 90029575

Pulse Generator 30 REV Datcon - Part Number: 90018279

Rebuild Kit, Fifth Wheel - Part Number: 9007760

Rod End 2-Piece Male - Part Number: 90010680

Switch IGN 4 POS Sealed - Part Number: 90024695

Switch Pressure Cable - Part Number: 90028993 

Starter - Part Number: 90027707 

TRW Pump - Part Number: PS221615R10300

Valve Tractor Protection - Part Numner: 53100511

Pump HYD 10GPM Tyrone Splined: P90015418

Cab Air Ride CO Can W:O Adjust: P90025552

Ball Joint Female 1:4-28: P90010620

Service Kit - Tilt Pump Barnes M: P3-5356899A  

Mount Center Bond Rubber Rad: P90009818

Slender Oil Press 100PSI: P90027267    

12 Volt Horn: P92817011

Starter 2 Denzo: P9002947

Brake Treadle Valve B/W E-3: P53100507

Pitman Arm, DBBL Bent Lean Arm: P90024133

Cover MD Tran Elec Bulkheads: P53568199

Dot Treadle Valve: P90001264

Hydraulics Pump 20 GPMW/4GPM: P90029654   

5th Wheel Part Bushing: P53547920

Draglink ASSM Bent CYT: P90022653

Parker Chelsea: P309091-4

Valve Air Cont. Brake SP {yellow}: P90007281

Switch IGN 4 pos Sealed: P90024695

Service Kit, Tilt Pump Barnes&M: P3-5356899A 

Tube Exhaust AT Turbo IS802: P60000091

HYD CYL 5": P90029576

Tube 0.76 OD X 1.06: P53542517

Have a Question? We Are Here to Serve. 

Just because you own an Ottawa Yard Truck, doesn't make you a technical expert. We expect that many owners will experience mechanical issues and have questions with their yard truck fleet. Our team of highly skilled mechanics is Ottawa and Cummins certified and is available to answer those questions everyday. Because of their many years of experience, they are able to diagnose and fix problems quickly and efficiently. We are glad to help in that way.

If you have a need for a replacement part, or have a question concerning your Ottawa/Cummins product, call us today. Our goal is to assist our customers with efficient service and professionalism.


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