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Overview of Insta-Chain Automatic Icechains

Posted by Joel Gerdis

Jun 2, 2010 1:39:00 PM

In our last post we updated you on our trip to Insta-Chain in Utah and highlighted the fact that they are our newest dealership.
Their automatic icechains are truly a time, money and life saver.
Some of the key benefits are:
  • Fits 1/2 ton- Class 8 vehicles ( see a list below)
  • Operates in forward and reverse with increasing traction during acceleration and deceleration
  • Far outlasts conventional chains because you only use them when you need them and at the the flip of a switch
  • Spark resistant chains for gasoline and propane delivery trucks are available
  • D.O.T. accepted. Applies to all states with chain laws
  • Reduces risks, incidents and costs
These automatic icechains may be ideal for: school buses, ambulances, fire trucks, semi trucks, tour buses, transportation buses, garbage and waste trucks, snow plows, utility vehicles or even your personal pick up truck- why not?

We’re ramping up our inventory of parts and getting the word out to existing and potential customers before winter rolls around. A lot of productivity was lost last year due to the overwhelming snow and ice in the US. We want to help keep your trucks on the road. To start the conversation about your line of trucks contact Chris today or use our simple online form to request more. information.  

Our trip to Insta-Chain in Utah

Posted by Joel Gerdis

Jun 1, 2010 1:42:00 PM

In one of our recent posts, we mentioned a new dealership opportunity with Insta-Chain. Insta-Chain is based in Springville, Utah, just south of Provo. We have been excited to meet the team at Insta-Chain since we crossed paths at this years Mid America Truck Show. We wanted to see first hand their operations and perform our normal due diligence. We take our dealership partners very seriously. Well the trip solidified everything. Insta-Chain is a true family run business and we met much of their support team while there. We had meetings with the owner and the VP of Sales and Marketing. Along with touring the facilities, we were able to watch the manufacturing of their products. They are truly made in the USA.